Conflict of Interest Policy

Finland Co-operative Company Conflict of Interest Policy

Approved 12-7-16 at Special Meeting called for that purpose.

  1. Board members must not use their positions to obtain employment at the Co-op for themselves, family members, or associates. Should a Board member desire employment, he or she must first resign from the Board. The Finland Co-op will only hire immediate family of Board members if three competitive resumes are received and reviewed. Interviews and hiring decisions will be conducted without the participation of the Board member with the conflict. Board members related to employees of the Finland Co-op must abstain from all decisions related to discipline, promotion and termination of related party.   
  1. Board members will not participate in final deliberation or vote on a question in which they have a personal or pecuniary interest uncommon with the interests of the Co-op. This does not mean that a person is prevented from voting for him or herself for office or other position for which he or she is eligible. The meeting minutes will reflect that a conflict was disclosed and that the interested person did not participate in the final deliberation or vote.