Articles & Bylaws

Dear Shareholder,

With the help of Cooperative Development Services and legal consultants from the law firm Dorsey & Whitney, the Co-op Board has been working to sort out what to do with the abandoned equity on our books and how to issue a patronage rebate if it is determined that it is feasible for the financial health of the store to do so. This brought up many questions and issues with the Articles from 1973 and Bylaws from 1997. We revised them in order to address these issues.

The revised Articles and Bylaws were presented for discussion at the Annual Meeting on June 28th, 2017. The final versions were approved by a vote at the 2018 annual meeting in June of 2018.

Thanks for your help with this important work to keep our Co-op functioning.

Honor Schauland, Secretary

Finland Co-op Board of Directors

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Bylaws of Finland Cooperative Company

Amended & Restated Articles of Incorporation of Finland Cooperative Company